About Us

Argon are an agile, customer-focused provider of business technology services. Our ethos is to build long standing partnerships with our customers to enhance their businesses. In doing so, Argon seek to create solutions that assist business processes, reduce infrastructure costs and enhance performance, striving to create a business advantage for our customers.

Argon’s origins date back to 1983 and the business has been delivering comprehensive technology solutions to it’s business customers for over 35 years. The name was adopted in 2013 when considering the attitude and approach of the business and its alignment with the properties of the noble gas, Argon. Argon is often used in industrial processes to create a safe and stable environment for other processes to be performed. It is also used in many technology environments as a constituent in fire detection and suppressant systems.

These are all qualities of the business, as we strive to provide secure, reliable working solutions for our clients, with proactive actions to detect and remedy issues and when necessary, provide fast response to deal with any major issues which may arise.

To ensure the delivery of quality solutions to our many and varied business customers, Argon are pleased to be partners with many leading technology solution partners, some of whom are detailed below:



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