In the current business environment organisations face the risk of a wide spectrum of disruptive challenges and events. Argon is ideally placed to offer total business continuity supported by 2 Dedicated centres providing over 250 recovery seats supported by 2 Dedicated Data-centres operating on a resilient basis, providing opportunities for dedicated and collocated facilities.

The Argon Continuity & Restart facilities are located at the Freeport and the Isle of Man Business Park. Both centres are dedicated Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity facilities.
The Freeport centre is located close to the Isle of Man Airport. The facility has a total number of 8 Continuity Suites, ranging in size from 10 through to 50 recovery seats.
The Restart centre has a total of 5 Suites, with these ranging from 10 to 60 recovery seats.
Each of the Continuity Suites is protected by secure door access systems, CCTV and Intruder Protection systems. Each Suite is structured as an open plan office environment, and is equipped with all the essentials you would expect in such an office; which enables each customers’ specific needs to be accommodated.

Are you really prepared for the worst?

The Argon facilities offer both dedicated and contended Business Continuity suites. The contented suites operates on a four:one contention ratio with a 250m blast radius model and therefore the centre does not accept client commitments exceeding its capacity within the blast radius model.

The Argon Business Continuity centres have Power Redundancy. There is redundant facilities on both the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) supporting the Data Suites and also in relation to the Diesel Generators and therefore the facility can operate during periods of utility power loss to the vicinity or a wider area of the island.

Argon can host your critical and backup servers in purpose built, secure, fault tolerant, 24/7 managed facilities. This allows you to focus on your core business, with peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure is managed by business continuity specialists.